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Feb 12
Innovation #5

Now that we have looked at innovation (see previous posts), including some ways to stimulate it and the need to be better at collaboration; I want to look at some ways to get more from what you already do, and how to improve partnering with others.

Use your wiring

Personality types and thinking styles have both strengths and weaknesses. If we understand ourselves then we can do better. Especially when we realise the type of thinking needed is a type we aren't the strongest at so we can get help.

If you haven't done it, do a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. There are plenty of online ways to do this for free. One example is . Then read up on what that means. Once you have that, here are some things you can consider to improve your capacity to think differently.

Mix people with different wiring

  • Big picture vs detail oriented
  • Open ended vs clear pathways
  • Talkers vs mullers
  • Logic vs values

But don't let logic drive everything. If your instincts aren't happy with something then stick with it until you work out why that is.


“Logic is a mechanism for coming to the wrong conclusion with great confidence".

Albert Einstein

Broaden the pool of people

  • Use the widest audience you can
  • Ideas can come from anyone
  • Ask someone from a different discipline
  • Ask someone much younger or older
  • Ask the cleaner, receptionist, admin clerk, family, …

Use collaborative thinking tools

​There have been multiple tools created over time and many can be used freely. Here are some examples:

  • Six Thinking Hats (Edward de Bono)
  • Practical Innovation (Frank Connolly)
  • Innovation Matrix (Roger La Salle)

de bono.jpgconnolly.jpgla salle.jpg

One of the tools Frank Connolly teaches is called Reverse Brainstorming. I really like it because it turns the problem on its head. Instead of saying “how can we improve this?", ask “What can we do to make it worse?". This is a very effective way to understand the problem better. You can apply it to anything.

Remember, innovation is not about technology or invention, it is about making a change that makes something better. ​

​Ray Keefe

Successful Endeavours


Successful Endeavours specialise in Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development, focusing on products that are intended to be Made In Australia. Ray Keefe has developed market leading electronics products in Australia for more than 30 years.

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